Outdoor Decorating

Even though summer is half over, it's never too late for some outdoor decorating tips. You can make your backyard an extension of your family room and kitchen for a few months each year and expand your living space while enjoying the great outdoors. Start with some cozy seating. Check out the lovely seating options that Kannoa has to offer.  Doesn't that look comfy?  Placing your seating on an outdoor carpet defines the space and makes it feel more like a room.

 Surya outdoor carpets are just as stylish as their indoor collection and extra durableHave a basket with a few throws for chilly nights and add some fire. You can purchase a beautiful fire pit, or if your budget allows, build an outdoor fireplace.


Outdoor lighting can enhance the ambiance in your new living area.   Dangle a chandelier to define your dining area or hang some sparkling little orbs for a romantic starry look.Kichler has a lovely collection of outdoor lighting.

Both functional and decorative, pathway lights can help you find your way and cast playful shadows.


And don't forget up lights to make trees and shrubs look like artwork.   

And let's not forget about my favorite thing... dining al fresco!  Give your meals a European flavor without ever leaving your yard.  This Lloyd Flanders dining set just 


you to Tuscany!


Whether it's an outdoor kitchen replete with fridge and sink or just a cooler and BBQ grill, enjoy a meal outside with family and friends. Bring the colors of the outdoors to your table...add some flowers from the garden and garage sale mix and match dishware.  Keep the meal simple, or better yet, just get take out. I guarantee it will taste better on the patio than in the kitchen.   And for those steamy summer nights, relieve the heat with some cooling water. Whether its ocean waves, a gentle rain or a splashing fountain, there is nothing more relaxing than the sound of water. Enhance your outdoor space with a water feature.  You can build an inexpensive pond and install a pump or purchase a beautiful fountain. As long as you have an outlet, you're good to go.

 Not sure where to start? Want to know more about these collections? Give me a call and let's get started on your midsummer night's dream.