Give Your Home a Fresh Look

It's your home. You made it yours by adding touches that are distinctly you—the colors, window treatments, furniture, and accessories. These are a reflection of you, your family and your lifestyle. But over the years your family grows and your lifestyle changes. The things you liked or found important in your 20s are most likely not what you prefer now. And just as you might switch out your wardrobe every season, it makes perfect sense to spruce up your home. At the minimum, this should be done once per year, and spring is a great time to give your home a fresh look. You don't need a big budget to make a huge difference! Here are a few ways to update the look of your home and chase away the winter blues in the process. I promise you'll feel so much better! First, pick a day to spend solely on your home, and no matter what, stick to it.

Do you have too many accessories?

For a cleaner look (and a lot less to dust!), rotate your favorite pieces by putting out a select few for special occasions or seasons. Every time I change out my seasonal decor I find a little treasure I had forgotten about. It's almost like shopping, but a lot less expensive. And you won't tire of your collection this way.

Take a second look.

Just as a well-accessorized outfit makes you look and feel good, a beautifully accented home will give you the same feeling. Reevaluate your accessories and decor. Do you still like them? Maybe that vase you got on vacation doesn't really go with your current decor. Donate it or pack it away.

Make Use of Photos. 

Add or rotate photos that you display on the wall or mantel. Or keep the same photos in new frames! 

Is your home on trend?

Do you have a color that screams the 1980s? A fresh coat of paint makes a world of difference. If you're not willing to paint every few years, choose neutral colors that won't go out of style.

Add a pop of new color.

The fastest way to add color to the room is by adding throw pillows. If you already use them, switch them out for a new color. Go for more (or less) and a variety of shapes and sizes. A new area rug can garnish the same result.

Update your Lighting.

There are many levels of light available and a simple change of your light bulbs can make a huge difference to the look of your room. Consider each light source and its purpose. For reading and tasks, you'll want a brighter light. For ambiance, something a little softer. In a kitchen or other high traffic area where your family spends a great deal of time, consider the bright white that mimics daylight. Not only will it make your home bright, but it's known to enhance mood.

Add Live Plants and Flowers.

Every home seems to come alive with flowers. Nowadays you can purchase beautiful mixed bouquets at the grocery or big box stores. And don't you just love the scent of spring flowers? Large green plants can make a statement in any room while also cleaning the air you breathe. 

Sometimes even the smallest thing can make a big difference. Enjoy!

Interior Designajadmin