6 Modern Interior Design Trends to Incorporate in 2019


I love to read shelter magazines – Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful. I also like to check out articles on Realtor.com, Houzz and Forbes. Photos of beautifully decorated rooms inspire me and get my creative juices flowing. Here are some of the trends I spotted that I think will make 2019 a fun year for design.

Acrylic Furniture

The first time I saw acrylic furniture in a room setting, I was hooked. It can make a statement without taking up visual real estate and can be mixed with almost any other finishes. Just look how beautifully the acrylic chairs coordinate with the wood table and classic chandelier (above).

Mixing Metals

Many people like all the metals in a space to match; brushed nickel drawer pulls if you have stainless appliances, for example. I think it’s much more interesting to mix metals in a space. There are a few things to keep in mind when mixing metals, though.

For one, make sure your finishes match. You wouldn’t want to mix polished chrome with oil-rubbed bronze, for example, but a polished brass would be perfectly acceptable. Try to find one piece that combines both metals (in the same finish, of course) to tie the design together. Also try to limit it to two or three metals throughout the room for a cohesive look.

Passamenterie window trim

Passamenterie window trim

Passementerie Trimming

Passementerie is back and I couldn’t be more excited! I love adding trim to window treatments, whether it’s just a decorative tape along the leading edge, or crystal beads sparkling in the sunlight. The “less-is-more” trend has been around for a long time, but trims, bullion fringes and tiebacks in vibrant colors and unusual shapes will breathe new life into this time-honored detail.

The next three trends are intrinsically tied to humans and nature and I feel these are trending because the world is so chaotic, our homes need to be a place of comfort and refuge.

Artisanal Accessories and Pieces with a Story

Hand-crafted furniture never goes out of style. It has become much more accessible with the advent of the internet.

I have a New Jersey client who found a beautiful hand-hewn end table from a source in North Carolina. He’s just a guy who loves to work with wood, not some big manufacturer, and every piece just ‘speaks’ to you.

I’m seeing a lot of handmade items using materials like jute, rice paper, clay and other sustainable materials, indicating that when people feel more in touch with nature and their roots, they’re more comfortable.


Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

Many clients are becoming mindful of their footprint, carbon or otherwise. People want to know how their behaviors are impacting the earth.

Before my design business, I worked in the environmental field and I’ve always been interested in how things are made, where they’re sourced, what types of materials are being used, and what processes are used in fabrication. One of my favorite furniture companies, Kristin Drohan Collection, uses only sustainably sourced maple in their furniture frames and bio hybrid foam in their chemical-free cushions. Even the fabrics are either natural fibers or Green Guard certified.

Biophilic Design Helps Create “Green” Indoor Environments

Much like sustainability, biophilia is a trend that people are craving. Biophilia suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. Humans are naturally calmed by the sight of greenery. Don’t you feel better after a walk in the woods or on the beach? Breathing in fresh air, listening to the sounds of water or wind rustling leaves always relaxes me.

Designers can bring this aesthetic into the home in the form of live plants, living walls, water views, indoor fountains and tactile organic materials such as wood and stone.

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