6 Secrets to Great Window Fashions and Treatments

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I've been doing a lot of consultations lately for DIY homeowners that just need a little help figuring out which design direction to take. Many of their questions are about how to dress their windows.

How do you know whether to choose drapes or shades? You need to decide what mood you want to set in the room. Draperies tend to look and feel a bit more luxurious. Shades, on the other hand, typically lend a more casual look, their clean lines are perfect for a family room, kitchen or bedroom.

In this article, I share six designer secrets to help you create fabulous window fashions.

Secret #1: Layer window treatments - drapery panels layered over woven wood shades, blinds or Romans - for a truly custom look.

When it comes to drapery, you have two options – stationary or traverse.

A stationary panel is a width or two of pleated and lined fabric that hangs from a decorative rod and just frames the window.

Traversing drapes are those made wide enough that they will cover the entire window when closed.

The ready-made panels you see at the store are typically made for decorative purposes only.

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Secret #2: If functional drapes are called for, have them custom made to fit your window - putting multiple ready- mades on a rod will never look right, no matter how you dress them.

At one time, large puddles were considered a sign of decadence and wealth. Personally, puddles don’t fit the lifestyle of my busy clients. They have children, pets and cleaning services that never “dress” the puddle once they’re done cleaning the floor and undressed puddles just look sloppy.

Secret #3: A slight break (like a trouser break on pants) can look just as luxurious as a puddle, but without all the fuss.

For drapes to look really good, they need to be full. There’s nothing worse than skimpy window treatments.

Secret #4: To determine the proper width you need, measure your window width, add 10 and multiply by 2 ½ (3 for sheers).

Now for the things you don’t see.

There are literally dozens of lining fabrics from which to choose; make sure you know your options.

More and more, ready-mades are being offered with interlining, which is a very good thing. Interlinings give the drapes just the right amount of weight so that they hang nicely, provide better insulation and light blockage and interlining helps extend the life of your drapes.

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Secret #5: Mount the rod as close to the ceiling as possible to give the illusion of height to a room.

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You can hide a multitude of problems with a proper installation, including low ceilings.

Secret #6: Mount a sheer panel and layer with drapery panels or top treatments to add color and texture while diffusing the view.

This installation tip is a great way to hide a poor view.

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