Four Interior Design Tips To Bring Your Vacation Home With You

Summer is flying by and I’ve been dreaming of the beach. I love the sound of the ocean, the salty air, an umbrella and a good book. Vacations are a way to reconnect with family and friends and have fun. I like to incorporate a little of that vacation vibe into my home decor. Here are four quick tips to make your vacay last a little home!

1. Homemade Collages and Wall Art

Take out that iPhone and click away – photograph everything of interest. Experiment with the different settings and filters. Take a close-up of native wildlife or just a bug on the balcony. Get a panorama from the roof of your hotel, or a wave crashing on the shore. And be sure to include a few candid photos of your family/friends – laughing, enjoying the view, trying new food. Be creative – have fun with it!

When you get home create a photo collage on-line and make a few copies to share. Shutterfly, for example, makes it easy to create a masterpiece that you can mount on canvas.

vacation collage.jpg

2. Nautical Decor

Love the feeling of sand between your toes? There are lots of ways to incorporate beach decor. See what one of my clients did in her bathroom below.

Collect colorful beach glass and put it in a mason jar or clear glass vase. Incorporate a few pieces of driftwood into a photo display on your wall.

shore shutters.JPG
Stillwater chandelier by Currey.jpg

If these sound like too much work – check out this gorgeous chandelier from Currey & Co.

3. Wall Art and Memories from Around the World

Like to shop the market stalls in Europe? Look for a piece of art that speaks to you and have it shipped home. Buy something new each time you travel and start your own art gallery in a hallway or on a two-story wall.

If pottery is your thing, buy pieces you’ll be able to use on special occasions. A great salad bowl or serving platter can be beautiful on display in your kitchen or dining room.

4. Exotic Decor, Plants, and more!

Traveling to exotic locales? Tropical decor is always fun! Drape mosquito netting around your bed. (believe it or not, you can get it from Amazon) Or hang it from the gazebo or pergola in your back yard. Get some palm trees for your patio for the summer and bring them in for a touch of the tropics all winter long.

Need some help brainstorming decor ideas? Please give me a call!