My Top Five Colors for 2017

Although gray seems to be as popular as ever, it's not the gray we're used to seeing. Because most companies determine their Color of the Year (COY) by looking at major global developments including social and design trends, lifestyle preferences and a variety of demographics I think this year's colors reflect the need for warmth and cocooning. After they did all their work, I chose my top five by considering what the color experts have come up with and then discussing those colors with other local designers and my clients for a more 'regional' approach. So A&J's top five colors of the year are (insert drum roll here):


#1 Benjamin Moore's Shadow

Benjamin Moore's Shadow is my top pick (because I LOVE purple). This deep aubergine color is a complete 180 from Ben Moore's 2016 color - Simply White. Shadow is smoky and sexy, and it goes from charcoal to amethyst depending on the light and time of day. I can absolutely see this color in a powder room (I'm putting it in mine) but these dark colors are also fine for larger spaces. Clark and Kensington's COY, Chiffon Black (show in the living room below), is also a dramatic color, similar to Ben Moore's Charcoal that I used in a recent project, a formal dining room.


#2 Pittsburgh Paints' Violet Verbena

Are you seeing a purple theme here? Violet Verbena is a mix of blue, gray and violet and is practically a neutral. It looks fabulous as a backdrop to this sleek black dining table, but also looks lovely in this feminine living room. 


#3 Sherwin Williams Poised Taupe

Sherwin Williams took a little gray, mixed with a little brown and came up with my number 3, Poised Taupe. After a half decade of cool grays, Poised Taupe is like a nice warm hug. "It's like gray and brown had a baby," said SW's Sue Wadden. Personally, I think it has a vintage quality and works with either stained or painted wood furniture. It creates such a cozy sanctuary in this bedroom.


#4 HGTV's Useful Grey


Coming in at number 4, HGTV's Useful Grey, which doesn't have the all the brown undertones like Poised Taupe, but it does have warm undertones that work equally well with the chrome and marble in this bath or the wood tones in this hallway. 

#5 Dunn Edwards' Honey Glow


My final pick is Dunn Edwards' Honey Glow because it makes me happy! I can see this in a bright and sunny kitchen, an office, or as an accent color with any of the other Colors of the Year! 

So that's my take on this year's colors. What about you? I'd love to hear your comments on these colors or your own favorites!